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Trips 4x4 Expeditions - EXP-4 Perú Chile Bolivia 25 days


»  EXP-4 Perú Chile Bolivia 25 days

The Andean countries have amazing roads, tracks and trails that take you to incredible adventures and Peru, Boliviaand Chile are no exception. The national park of Lauca offers mountains and volcanoes. The Geysers of Tatio and its wonderful landscapes which get even prettier as the temperature goes down and the water splashes get higher. The Uyuni Salt field, the biggest in the world an ocean of salt in a space isolated from the real world, it looks like a frozen lake without an end or a beginning and surrounded by the memory of a once upon a time sea. Its extension goes over the 10580 square kilometers. The average annual temperature goes around 20ºC (68ºF) to -25ºC (-77ºF) at night. Laguna Colorada, a lagoon of 60 square kilometers of surface, located at 4278 meters above the sea level. It is quite popular for its reddy color. Its population is mostly flamingoes. The landscape is exceptionally gorgeous at this altitude outstanding the impressive color of the lagoon. The Titicaca Lake, crib of the biggest empire of pre columbine America, since from its cold and quiet waters Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo emerged, those were who founded the Inka Society in Cusco, Machupicchu, Peru. Peruexplorers Tour Operator & Travel Agency invites you to see these incomparable destinations in four wheel drive

1 day.- LIMA. Pickup from Lima airport and transfer to hotel. In the afternoon we will visit the city of Lima, seeing both the modern and the colonial areas of the city, including the Cathedral, San Francisco church and, if there is time, the Archaeological Museum. Overnight in Lima.

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2 day.- LIMA / TACNA / ARICA. An early morning transfer to the airport for our flight to Tacna, where the drivers who will accompany us on the rest of the trip will be waiting to meet us. We will then drive in our Toyota 4x4 to Arica where we will make our first camp. In the afternoon we will have time to see some of the sights in this Chilean coastal desert town.Tours Peru

3 day.- ARICA / PARINACOTA. We leave Arica, city of eternal spring, to drive up to the LaucaNational Park, one of northern Chile's most important nature reserves. It is the only place in Chile where American camelidaes can be seen in there natural habitat. In just one day we will climb from sea level to 4,200 meters above sea level. In Parinacota we will spend the night in a modest shelter.

4 day.- PARINACOTA / CHUMISA. Journey dedicated to a constantly changing landscape, seeing the animals of the high Andes and the crater of the Parinacota volcano. Overnight camp in Chumisa.

5 day.- CHUMISA / IQUIQUE. After a great breakfast we will drive to Iquique on the Pacific coast, leaving behind the mountains and salt lakes. Iquique is a modern city based around its important port. The city is a tax free zone and we will be able to shop for cheap imported goods. Overnight hotel in Iquique.

6 day.- IQUIQUE /TOCOPIA. A complete change of landscape. Instead of mountains we will travel along the Pacific coast, observing marine fauna along the way. We will also try some of the seafood dishes of the region. Overnight hotel in Tocopia.

7 day.- TOCOPIA/CALAMA. Heading inland across the desert towards the Andes. We will pass abandoned mines before reaching the city of Calama, a modern town that owes its wealth to the copper mining industry. Overnight hotel in Calama.

8 day.- CALAMA / Chiu Chiu / TATIO. Today we will visit the world's biggest copper mine, before returning to Calama to visit the church at Chiu Chiu. From there we will visit the famous geysers of Tatio. Overnight camping or in a simple shelter.

9 day.- TATIO / SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA / VALLE DE LA LUNA. A day spent enjoying beautiful scenery, the small town of San Pedro de Atacama and its museum, and the Valley of the Moon, a beautiful lunar landscape eroded by the wind. Overnight in modest hotel.

10 day.- VALLE OF THE MOON / LAGUNA VERDE. After visiting the valley of the Moon we will cross the desert to Laguna Verde ( Green Lagoon) where we will see abundant wildlife, including flamingos. Overnight in a modest shelter.

11 day.- LAGUNA VERDE / LAGUNA COLORADA. After breakfast we will load the vehicles and begin our drive through this wild and ancient landscape to Laguna Colorada (Red Lagoon) where we will spend the night in a modest shelter.

12 day.- LAGUNA COLORADA / SAN JUAN. After breaking camp, we will journey through an untouched and inhospitable desert landscape to San Juan where we will spend the night in modest accommodation.

13 day.- SAN JUAN / JIRIRA. One of the most exciting days of this tour, as we cross the salt lakes to Isla Pescado (FishIsland), a small island in the salt lakes where birds and cacti thrive. Overnight in modest accommodation in Jirira.

14 day.- JIRIRA / UYUNI Crossing the border to the Bolivian town of Uyuni in the Salar de Uyuni, the biggest salt lake in America. Overnight in a modest hotel.

15 day.- UYUNI / ORURO. We will leave the salt lake to travel to the typical Bolivian city of Oruro, famous for being the folkloric capital of Bolivia and home of the country's biggest carnival celebration. Overnight in a modest hotel

16 day.- ORURO / LA PAZ. Crossing the Bolivian high plateau we will find La Paz, at 3,900 meters above sea level. La Paz, the de facto capital of Bolivia is a confused mix of modern and colonial architecture. Overnight in a modest hotel.

17 day.- LA PAZ. Day dedicated to visit this fascinating city, strolling through its colorful streets, plazas and avenues. The city is set in a bowl and its streets are steep and narrow. We will visit museums, the witches market and the valley of the moon just outside the city. Overnight hotel.

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18 day.- LA PAZ / TIAHUANAKU / PUNO. Leaving La Paz, we will cross El Alto, a sprawling new city that surrounds the old, where millions of Bolivians live and work. On our way to the Peruvian frontier we will pass Lake Titicaca, the highest sailable lake in the world, arriving in the port city of Puno where we will spend the night at a local hotel.

19 day.- PUNO / TAQUILE / PUNO An all-day excursion to the lake islands of Uros and Taquile. Overnight in Puno

20 day.- PUNO / CUSCO. Leaving Puno we will visit the pre-Inca ruins of Sillustani, a sacred burial site. Crossing the high plateau we will descend into the fertile Cusco valley. Overnight in Cusco.

21 day.- CUSCO. A very special day dedicated to visiting Peru's most beautiful city. Of pre-Inca origin, it became the capital of the Inca empire, a sacred city that drew pilgrims from afar. In the morning we will visit the colonial and Inca attractions of Cusco, including Koricancha, the Sun temple and the San Blas district, which is famous for its craftsmen. That afternoon we will visit the ruins of Sacsayhuamán, Q'enko, Puka Pukara and Tambo Machay before returning to our hotel in the early evening. Overnight in Cusco.

22 day.- SACRED VALLEY OF THE INCAS We will visit the town of Pisac, famous for its local market and the Inca ruins above the village. From there we will follow the Urubamba river by road to the ruins of Ollantaytambo. This temple complex is surrounded today by a village whose original Inca street plan remains the same. Overnight in Urubamba.

23 day.- MACHUPICCHU. To end our expedition to Peru we will visit the eighth wonder of the world: Machu Picchu was one of the most important sanctuaries of the Inca culture where members of the nobility lived. Already abandoned at the time of the conquest, it was not destroyed by the Spanish. It was discovered again by the outside world in 1911. Overnight in Cusco

24 day.- CUSCO / LIMA. In the morning we will say goodbye to our expedition team and fly to Lima where we will have a free day for shopping or visiting museums. Overnight hotel in Lima.


25 day.- LIMA. Our service ends with an airport transfer for your flight to your home country.

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